River Programme

During the year we organise paddles on many rivers, but also have a standard set of paddling opportunities:-

  • Thursday Nights - Every Thursday evening we paddle from the Watersports Centre. This is our main club night and clearly in the winter, this means we will be paddling in the dark. In the summer we also run coaching courses on a Thursday, so members have a choice of activities. Thursday evening sessions start at 6:45pm and typically run through till about 9:00pm.
  • First Sunday of the Month - On the 1st Sunday of every month we run a paddle at 2:00pm from the Centre, unless we advertise in advance that it is being moved (e.g. an Away trip to another river)

If paddling from the Deben Watersports Centre at Woodbridge then please make sure you arrive with a complete change of clothes, and paddling clothes that will keep you warm for the time of year. e.g. In the winter, make sure you will stay warm even if wet or damp.

If joining us for an away trip, then we will discuss what needs to be taken with you direct, but unless you have your own equipment, we will borrow equipment etc. from the centre for the duration of the trip.


  • Members paddling with their own equipment can take part in activities for free unless there is a charge for travels costs etc.
  • If borrowing equipment, then a charge of £5.00/session will be made.
  • There is a Family maximum charge which is set at £15.00/family/session.
  • Non-members are welcome to join us for a maximum of two sessions assuming the coach is happy that the activity is suitable to their skill level.
  • For £5.00 all specialist equipment can be provided including boat, spray deck, paddle, buoyancy aid, helmet and cagoule.
  • The fees above are normally charged for equipment used for away trips as well.


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