Thursday Programme

Thursday Programme 2021

The Thursday programme is primarily targeted at Adults. It tends to be based around a paddle, rather than games.

All Thursday Evening Paddles start at 6:30pm and typically finish around 9:00pm.

Thursday paddles involve a paddle by a group of reasonably competent paddlers. The pace is set by the slowest members of the group and whilst the group will always look after everyone on the water, it does become frustrating for the group if complete beginners slow everyone down. So we ask that beginners complete one of our beginners courses before joining us on a Thursday. If there are no courses currently listed, please contact the club via email (address on the Home page of this website).


COVID-19 restrictions significantly curtailed our activities in 2020. For 2021 we are running a reasonably normal general club paddling programme, but are avoiding away trips to limit car sharing. The following changes have been made during the Covid Period:-

a) Changing facilities are not generally available - all paddlers are to arrive changed and ready to paddle.

b) Boats and other equipment is available for use as usual. The boat hire fee remains £5. Cleaning spray and hand gel are available to those who wish to use them. Boats are generally left a few days between use, but there is no guarantee that this is the case as we are not quarantining boats after use.

c) Building Use:

  • Paddlers are asked to wear a face mask when in the buildings
  • There is a one way system in operation - through the front building, and wetshed to the boat store when starting a session and the reverse at the end of a session.
  • If paddlers get very wet and need to get changed, then the changing facilities may be used by one person (bubble) at a time.

d) Recording: All Paddlers in a session are recorded on a time sheet. Two numbers can be recorded, the emergency contact number (Usually a family member) and a Covid Emergency Number (usually the members own phone number). There is an NHS QR Code at the centre, but as very few people have their phones when going paddling, and even fewer actually enter the building (Only those borrowing kit) it is a pretty pointless process. In the event of a member testing positive for Covid after paddling, the log sheets will be used to contact the members and inform that they should follow the guidance for someone who may have been in contact with Covid.

Course Details: See Courses Section.


  • The programme is dependent on Coach Availability. If Coaches are not available for a session, then notification will be given via the Members email list.

During the winter a small group of paddlers venture out every Thursday Evening at 6:30pm. Yes, this is in the dark. If you are interested in joining us, please drop the club a line and we will try to find a way.

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