A Poem by Nicky Sanderson

Waldringfield paddle - a beginner’s perspective.

On a hot and balmy Sunday Eve,

A mixed ability group got ready to leave

Hauling boats across the oozy mud.

It's so much easier with the Deben tide in full flood.


The beginner’s sect heaved and strained,

To attach the tight spray deck, to be dry and self-contained.

Before the paddle, our energy was already drained!

but to the experienced paddlers, we entertained.

Pushing off the muddy foreshore,

The adventures to be had, we weren't yet sure.

The sound of the water lapping at the bough.

Becoming totally absorbed in the here and the now.

5 weeks ago, was our first lesson.

We looked eagerly to see our own progression.

A lot to learn, with skills to improve each session.

We felt we were ready to start our new obsession.

So off we paddled towards Waldringfield.

Please go slowly to the leaders we appealed.

Soon a steady pace was to be had,

To be on the water, I was so glad.

After plenty of chatting and paddling,

At The Maybush pub, we stopped our babbling.

Now came time to scrabble out of the kayak cocoon.

To sit outside, pint n’ chips in the late afternoon.

All too soon, t’was time to squeeze back into boats.

And back towards Woodbridge we all did paddle and float.

All fuelled up with food and companionship.

With stunning sunset, seal sighting, -an excellent round trip!

For us beginners, new friends we have made,

To join the club, I'm here to persuade.

On a Tuesday night, grab a paddle n’ boat.

You'll never regret the decision to get afloat.

Nicky Sanderson