Pool Sessions

Roughly every second Saturday the club runs a Pool Session at Deben Swimming Pool. These sessions run throughout the year and are a great opportunity for members to improve their paddling skills.



  • STARTING JAN 2022 all Pool Sessions start at 17:00 (5:00pm) and last an hour.
  • All equipment is provided, although some members bring their own boats.
  • Most paddlers wear a T Shirt over their swimming costumes.
  • If you bring your own boat it must be thoroughly cleaned before it will be allowed in the pool. The club and/or the pool reserve the right to refuse entry to any boat that has not be thoroughly cleaned before the session. 
  • Sessions cost £5.00 per member or £7.00 per non-member. Non members may only attend for at most 2 sessions before joining the club for Insurance reasons.
  • Families will be charged for the first three paddlers only. (£15/£21)

If you have any questions regarding pool sessions please contact the pool session team at Deben Canoe Club via: mailto:pool@debencanoeclub.org.uk


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