BC Touring FAQs


Q: Who takes Ultimate Responsibility for the Tour?

A: The Organising Club will nominate an Organiser who will ensure that the Clubs leading on the water have been given access to the Risk Assessment, Maps for the Trip, Access/Egress Points, Emergency exits etc.

Q: Who takes Responsibility for Paddlers on the Water?

A: Each Club attending the tour will be responsible for their On Water Activities, as if they had organised the trip. Their On Water Leader will be appropriately qualified (as defined by the club and the experience levels of their paddlers), appropriately equipped (e.g. Spare Clothes, First Aid Kit, Shelter, Split Paddles, Phone, Tow Line, etc.) and have the necessary Safety and Rescue Skills. The Club and On Water Leader are responsible for all On Water Activity by those in their group which is defined on the Signing On Sheet.

Q: What skill level should Paddlers be at?

A: The intention is that the tours will be aimed at paddlers who have the 2* award, or have been paddling at least 2 years. However, as above, the Clubs and their On Water leaders take responsibility for their paddlers, and so it is down to the club to ensure that the paddlers in their group are up to the challenges they are likely to face. (e.g. Types of Water, Distance, likely conditions etc.)

Q: How is Insurance Organised?

A: Whilst on the water, Clubs are expected to have insurance that covers their members, and their on water leaders – this is Business As Usual.
A: Claims of Negligence against the Organising Club or Organiser would be covered by the Organising Clubs own insurance as per any normal activity. Coaches and BC members are also covered against claims of Negligence by their own personal insurance.
A: Insurance for Individuals whilst partaking of the tour would be covered in the same way as on a normal club paddle.
A: If the organising club is accepting BC Members who are not Club members on the tour, then the Organising Club will have to:-
Provide appropriate Leader/Coach Support.
Ensure that an On Water Registration is completed with the Leader/Coach as the On Water Leader and the participants listed.
BC Members will be covered by their BC Members Insurance.
Any Non-Members, if accepted by the Leader/Coach, will need to take out temporary BC membership (£5 I believe).

Q: How will Cancellation of an Event be Handled?

A: Clubs are asked to register with the organiser in advance if they are intending to participate. This will allow the organiser to send out a cancellation prior to an event if required.

Q: Is there a Maximum Number of Participants defined?

A: In practice the Clubs are responsible for the paddlers on the water. Where large numbers of clubs/paddlers are taking part, it is recommended that the groups are staggered, so that no more than around 24 paddlers leave at the same time. However, the final decisions are left to the On Water Leaders.

Q: Can a tour have more then one Distance defined?

A: Yes. For instance there could be a Long Boat Tour and a General Purpose Boat Tour defined. However, if a club has paddlers on both tours, then they must provide On Water leaders for each tour so that each On Water Group is in itself a safe, self-sufficient group.