Shotley to Pin Mill and Back on the Orwell

OUTLINE PLAN - Sun 26 Jan 2020 - River Orwell Estuary Trip: Shotley to Pin Mill and back

Summary: This will be a 10.5 mile winter paddle on the tidal estuary, suitable only for longer boats. This lower part of the Orwell starts near Harwich and Felixstowe ports and Shotley marina, goes past the marina at Levington and then to the scenic setting of Pin Mill. It will be a shared trip, with paddler groups from various Eastern Region clubs. Arrival by 0945, on water 1030, off water 1430, suitable boat, gear and winter wear essential. Final details subject to suitable weather!

  • Timings: Get to Shotley Gate, Ipswich IP9 1PU (opposite Bristol Arms pub) by 0945, to be ready to be on water at 1030. Back to Shotley and off water by 1430. (Harwich HT is 1245)
    Total distance 17km / 10.5m / 9nm – see map
  • Access/Egress: The beach / shingle bank adjacent to the Pier at Shotley.
  • Breaks: One break planned, for snack lunch, approx. 30 mins at Pin Mill. (Pub and loos will be open).
  • Parking: At Shotley Gate, opposite pub, or at roadside up the hill nearby.
  • Boats: Long boats (sea / touring kayaks, or tandem Opens) needed, so as to maintain good group speed. If Open Canoes, suggest tandem only, with suitably qualified Lead/Coach for the Open Skill level: ‘Paddle Explore’ / old 2* level, with suitable kit and prior experience of medium length estuary trip.
  • Kit: Winter paddling kit essential - suitably warm clothing / protection (body, head, neck, hands, feet) for when paddling, when stopped for a lunch break, and in the event of getting wet. Water / hot drink / snack. Take spare warm clothing as well. Usual safety kit for estuary/sea trips. Leaders to take FA, repair kits, etc. If you have a tow line please bring it, in case any help needed within the group.
  • Weather: Winter!. Wind and precipitation are unknown at this stage. It would need to be no greater than F4 wind and ideally no heavy falling rain or snow. Can confirm closer to the date.

Region Paddle 20200126 Shotley to Pin Mill and back.pdf

Leader(s): Paul B co-ord overall and main lead for ICC group. Other clubs will need qualified Lead person.

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