Membership FAQs

Q: What are the charges for Joining and paddling with the Club?

A: The current scale of charges can be found on our key documents page.

As a family friendly club, we try and reduce the costs for families, so we have capped our Membership, River Charges and pool Charges for families.

Q: Do I need any Experience before joining the Canoe Club?

A: The simple answer is No. We offer a range of activities to appeal to complete beginners through to very experienced paddlers. As a beginner you can come along to Pool Sessions immediately. We require beginners to take a Beginners course before they start paddling with the club on the river, so that all club members on the river can basically keep up with the group. We typically run one or two beginners courses each year, one starting at the end of April and one starting around the middle of June. If you are interested, please contact us and we will help you select an appropriate course.

Q: Do I have to start in the Swimming Pool?

A: No. We offer beginners courses on the River, and if you already have experience it may be possible to join us without doing a beginners course. However, Pool Sessions are a very good way of starting paddling and you can start joining us at the pool sessions at any time in the year. Please contact us and we will help you select the best approach for you.

Q: I am a Qualified Coach/Experienced Paddler already. Does the Club have anything to offer me?

A: We have a varied programme of activities to help develop all paddlers, and many members who would love to try something different. So if you are already experienced in a field of paddlesport why not come along and see if there are folk int he club who can help you further develop your paddling, and who you can help develop theirs. We are a community of paddlers who all help each other, and we welcome experienced paddlers as well as the less experienced.

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