General FAQs

Q: Where Do You Meet?

A: We meet at the Deben Watersports Centre (DWSC) which is pictured above. It is located at "River Wall, Woodbridge, Suffolk. IP12 4BB". This can be seen on this map. Parking is available the other side of the railway line, beside the Kingston Playing Fields.

Q: What is the Parking situation at the Club?

A: Parking is in The Avenue Car Park, beside the Kingston Playing Fields. Parking is free for all Evening Club Sessions but there is a small charge for parking during the dat (until 18:00), 7 days a week (£1.50 for 4 hours, £2.50 all day).

Q: Can I store my own boat at the Club?

A: Unfortunately the club does not have facilities for the storage of members boats although this is something that is being looked into.

Q: What is the difference between Deben Canoe Club and the Deben Watersports Centre?

A: The Deben Watersports Centre (DWSC) is a Not-For-Profit Organisation that owns the DWSC Buildings and most of the Boats. The DWSC runs Canoeing, Power boating and other activities. The DWSC handles all non-club activities, so Scout Canoeing, Instructor Training etc. are all handled by the Centre. The DCC is a club for its members. We hire the DWSC facilities when we use them, and we hire boats from the DWSC as required. Most of the coaches that run courses for the DWSC are also members of the club as we provide opportunities for them to continue their paddlesport development. Many adult beginners courses are now run by the Club using the centre facilities. As a result the participants become members of the club and can then use the pool sessions and other opportunities that the club has on offer.

Q: Have you Marked your Boat?

The Coastguard are asking all paddlers to ensure that their equipment is marked with their names and contact details so that if found, they can quickly trace the owner and reduce the time wasted by the Coast Guard searching for folk who are not lost. See:

Q: Can I Hire Boats from you?

A: Boats can always be hired for Club Activities and paddles. Boats are generally not hired to individuals as they are only hired for activities where a Coach is running the activity.

Q: Do you run Summer Holiday Classes during the week?

A: The Canoe Club doesn't run courses during the week. There may be other organisations that do run courses during the week at the Watersports Centre. Please contact the DWSC for more details.

Safe Operating Procedures 2022

Deben Watersports Centre SOPs 2022 v1.0.pdf

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