British Canoeing East Touring Programme

Passing the Rocks on the Deben

Many of the clubs in the East Region have agreed to come together to deliver a programme of Touring Events with the aim of having one Touring Sunday every month. A different club will host each Tour and it will be open to all clubs in the Region. The basic format of each event will be similar:-

  • The Touring Events will be aimed at those of 2* Standard (2 Seasons paddling) and above to provide opportunities for intermediate paddlers to paddle different rivers around the Region.
  • To ensure there is adequate on-water cover:-
    • All paddlers will be paddling with a Club. The Club will be responsible for the paddlers in their group.
    • Each Club will complete an On Water Registration Form on the day. This will identify the Club, the On Water Leader(s) and the Club members in the group. An On Water Contact number will also be recorded, if available. It will also be linked to the Risk Assessment.
    • Each Club will check out at the end of the Tour, before leaving the River, so the organisers can confirm that all paddlers have completed the Tour.
    • Clubs will confirm attendance at the Tour with the Organiser before the event. This will make it easier for the organisers to understand that everyone has arrived, and will make it possible for the Organiser to cancel the event if weather conditions dictate.
    • Paddles will only be open to individuals if a club is willing to take responsibility for them. For this reason, many paddles will be open to other clubs only.
  • The Organising club will provide the following services:-
    • An Entry for the programme of Events
    • Date and Start time. (Ideally not too early, to allow for transport from a distance)
    • Details of Parking (Locations & fees) and Car shuttle if necessary.
    • A basic plan for the trip in advance - Start and End points, timings, tides (if appropriate), hazards, emergency exit points etc. so that club coaches can prepare in advance.
    • Any specific Risks associated with the trip will be called out and identified on the Risk Assessment.
    • An On shore contact, may be provided, who can assist if a club needs to end their trip early. (e.g. By giving the leader a lift to where their car is parked)
    • An Overall organiser who takes overall responsibility and decides whether to proceed or cancel, for instance.

Details of the specific events can be found through the Left Hand menu Bar.

For details of any of the trips, please read the information on this site. To register onto a trip please contact the organiser.

We also run a Google Groups List of people interested in receiving details for the Touring Paddles. This is really aimed at clubs and coaches, who can then organise groups from their clubs to attend. If you would like to be added to the list, or if you have any other questions, please contact Tim Midwinter at

NOTE: These events are aimed at Clubs attending and providing their own On Water Safety Cover. The Organisers may not have any capacity to support individual paddlers at an event. If in doubt, please ask before attending.


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