Tim Midwinter

I have been paddling and coaching for over 30 years. I am one of the lead coaches at Deben Canoe Club and I tend to organise the day to day coaching at the club. I can lead groups of Kayaks and Canoes on flat water, as well as on moving water. Whilst I enjoy paddling on moving water, I also really enjoy paddling with the club and friends on the River Deben at Woodbridge and on other rivers in Suffolk and around the UK.

In the last few years I have started playing in very short "freestyle" boats. This is great fun, although i wouldn't claim to be very proficient yet. One of the things I love about canoeing is that there is such a wide variety of craft and disciplines that even after over 30 years there are still lots of new things to learn.


British Canoeing Level 3 Coach.

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